Today, we will address every grower’s troubles, looking at the maintenance methods of your ganja plant. We’ll also look at the difficulties that can arise on the way and methods of avoiding them. Stick with this post if you want to know more about the causes of popcorn buds, different approaches to handling and using fluffy buds. The plant didn’t grow as lush as expected? Unfortunate purchase or just did a usual trim for your beauties? We got you: let’s look at the options of farmers wanting to get rid of the fluffy side-material, making it into something different.


Green larf cannabis weed.
It may be too hard to avoid any popcorn buds when growing weed at home.

Popcorn buds are the spread flowers that didn’t manage to develop into prime cannuggets. Usually, the popcorn buds are popping up on lower bud sites on a flowering plant.

https://www.leafedoutstore.comThe quality of growing marijuana will be pretty consistent between thick buds called colas and popcorn buds from a lower branch. They certainly don’t appeal to buyers, thus sold for less and considered a B-grade product. However, some say that less dense buds of cannabis don’t pack as much of a punch along with some difficulties. They can come while trying to cut them down and stuff into a joint. Both outdoor and indoor growers are advised to take measures to prevent larf from forming, using various methods. But popcorn buds present a challenge to farmers and are hard to avoid. They are totally smokable, in case you were wondering what to do with a stash.


A lot of cannabis plant are growing in-house.
Farmers try tp cut all the popcorn buds to get the A-product at the end.

The term can be used to describe cut-down popcorn buds that farmers do as one of the methods to produce concentrated A-product. But also, that is how you call the buds that are yet immature or deformed.

The main factor causing popcorn buds is excessive heat which causes the flowers to form wispy rather than densely. If the air around your plant is hotter than 28°C, it can turn your stash into trash very quickly, all the buds together.

Get environmental controls installed in the indoor facility and keep an eye on the distance between your grow lights and the canopy. If you are growing outdoors, you need to control the environments around a plantation. A screen or some kind of shading can protect plants from heat stress.

One more reason for the popcorn buds to appear is shading and overcrowding. Sometimes, it is necessary to remove the big light-blocking fan leaves or place growing lights concentrated where larf has built up to avoid popcorn buds. This will allow the buds to access the intensive light that they have been previously lacking, hopefully for them to develop into colas themselves.


Two hands are cutting cannabis popcorn buds.
You don’t have to throw away the popcorn buds – you can make some delicious edibles.

If you didn’t succeed in avoiding larf buds to grow on your plant or happened to buy a bunch of not-so-good stuff. Don’t throw it away as you can still turn it into something smokable. Why get rid of cannabis when you can ring the changes into your smoking routine and try something new?


If you are a fan of edibles, you should know that popcorn buds are a viable material to use in the kitchen and make butter. If you take some effort to cook the popcorn buds, you can get some potent bakery as a result. Applying to any recipe to replace normal butter will give you plenty of cooking options! To make cannabutter, just simmer the ground parts of the plant with the melted butter on low heat, then strain it, and refrigerate. There are also creative options for the cannabis-infused coconut oil that can be used in skin salve or vegan cooking.

Solvent-Based Extract

The solvent-based extract has some highly-potent psychoactive cannabinoids inside. And it is made with the help of industrial equipment. If a manufacturer has a lot of trim collected from plants or stashed, there is an option of making some BHO – butane hash oil. Though these products are mostly meant for dabbing, some concentrates might perfectly improve your smoking session as well. However, keep in mind that considering that butane and propane (which are the main participants of the extraction process) are highly flammable. The extraction should only be performed in the laboratory conditions.

Turn into

With whatever trim you have left, you can make some good simple hash with it. All it takes is to isolate the trichomes and be able to concentrate them — that is the basis of hashish production. Cannabis farmers can also rub the sticky plant resin with their hands to form the small balls, called hand-rubbed hash or charas.

You can use a silkscreen to get trichomes from your trim. Use a large piece of wax or baking paper, put the trim on it and cover with a large piece of wax. Use tools to move the trim around the surface for a while. The trichomes will go through the screen onto your paper after you scrape them carefully. Compress them into hash coins with the help of a Mpollen press. Growers advise: freeze your trim before sieving to allow the trichomes to detach easier and faster.

Bonus Recipe

A green smoothie made of cannabis popcorn buds.
Popcorn buds may be a great ingredient for a fresh and tasty smoothie.

Larf cannabis can not only make a delicious edible. It can be used to make liquid smoothies or drinks. You can blend it with milk, dairy or plant-based, for an added boost to weekend breakfast. Heat the milk, then add your popcorn buds. Stir it for good 30-45 minutes, pour more milk if you feel like. Crafted canna-milk will change color and become yellowish when ready. Strain it and put it in the fridge in a sealed container. Make sure you use it before the expiry date of the original milk package. Homemade canna-milk can be added to your tea, coffee or even breakfast cereal.

While professional growers believe larf cannabis to be something worth throwing away. You can clearly see that with a bit of imagination it can give a base to plenty of products, from hash oil to delicious breakfast. So why waste it when you can get waisted?


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