Meaning and Difference in Different Grades of Cannabis AAA+ vs. AAAA

Although it is much safer and wiser to get your AAA+ weeds and AAAA weeds from a reliable online dispensary, it’s also an added advantage to tell the difference between these weeds since they are closely related.


Every variety of weed has a unique aroma and feeling attached to it. So, even if you buy weed online, you don’t want to get mixed up with a different feeling or buy an inferior strain of weed. Hence the need to be able to tell the difference.

Generally, there are 3 ways to categorize the quality of any cannabis;

  • Aroma 
  • Taste 
  • Appearance 

However, other factors come into play when differentiating between Grade AAA+ Cannabis and Grade AAAA Cannabis. These strains are hard to tell apart because they have a similar look. 

So what is the tell Or secret hack you need to differentiate them?  


Grade AAA+ is a very impressive strain of cannabis. It offers top-quality fragrant, healthy-looking buds with mild purple/orange-like discoloration hairs on its buds. They also have high trichome content contributing to their rich taste and aroma.

Unlike regular cannabis, the AAA+ has a rich THC level of about 14-19%. 

AAA+ Rockstar Micro is a phenomenal example of the Grade AAA+ Cannabis. It has a unique spirited head rush that ushers in a God-level relaxation that creeps into every muscle of your body. A true state of happiness! 

Their buds, however, are medium-sized with a spicy aroma of grapey earth and aromatic herbs. 


The Grade AAA+ is just so great that you might begin to wonder what the need for a Grade AAAA is?

Regardless of how great the AAA+ is, the AAAA is just better. It’s a premium, top-shelf, and high-quality cannabis. But it shares many similarities with AAA+, especially in its appearance. And as such many substandard dispensaries sell the AAA as AAAA for their unsuspicious buyers. 

One key difference between both is that the Cannabis grade AAAA can have a THC that’s as high as 27%. They can provide a sensation twice as great as any strain of grade AAA. Bubba Kush is an example of such a kind of grade AAAA. 

Bubba Kush cannabis strain is an Indica-dominant with a ratio of 95/5 and with a sky-high THC level of 27%.  

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