Astro Punch Shatter – 1 Gram

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Product Description

Neutron Genetics

Get an out-of-this-world lift with Astro Punch. This sweet, citrus-y sativa has a euphoric effect that’s bound to make your day better. Neutron Genetics shatter carts are the first of their kind, made for anyone looking for a fuss-free dab on the go. Using their proprietary process of liquifying shatter, they’ve created a full-spectrum dab: all you’ll need is a 510 vaporizer device. All the cannabinoids and terpenes found flower but with a more full, flavorful, and enriched high. For those times you need a quick trip to outer space, Neutron Genetics shatter carts will get you there. Weight: 1g (License No. CDPH-10003230)

Universal Cartridge – 1g



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