Marley Natural Green: Lava Cake



Product Description

Marley Green – Hybrid, 3.5g

THC – 26.9%

Rather mellow when it comes to potency, Lava Cake nugs are quite large and very dense, and while they tend to be a dark olive shade of green, that’s contrasted by large clear trichomes. As you’d guess, this strain tastes like chocolate, mint, and fruit, yet the aroma is slightly more earthy in nature. A mixture of nuts, fruit, and pine will make its way to your nostrils and leave you wanting more. Smokers of all experience levels enjoy Lava Cake because while it tends to be very relaxing, she probably won’t make you feel completely out of it. Users describe the high as cerebral at first and note that they often feel euphoric with just the slightest bit of energy.

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