Swerve Carts For A Cause | LBGTQ | Rainbow Sherbet


Product Description

THC 71.88%

Swerve strain specific vape cartridges deliver the experience of your favorite flower in an ultra-premium cannabis oil vaporizer c-cell vaporizer cartridge. Our solvent free oil is triple distilled and precisely formulated with 100% all natural terpenes to deliver wellness in every puff.

Our team pledges to help a broad spectrum of underprivileged communities. We understand the depth of challenges many go through in life and have an understanding that those challenges have developed into a desire to help others. That desire called forth to the creation of Swerve Carts for A Cause which encompasses five unique packages, four of which are highlighting causes closest to our hearts. A portion will be dedicated to supporting awareness in Equality, Women’s rights, Veterans’ rights, LGBTQ rights, and Animal rights.

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